Heir to a century-old experience, the Jacques Vernin Research Institute has a deep knowledge of the intimate relationships between the human body and the plant.

This knowledge has enabled the development of technologies for extraction and recovery of plant principles specifically adapted to their end use while ensuring their effectiveness.

So, having developed PHYTELENES®PHYTOFLOR®, TITREX®TRANSOMES®, recognized and considered, throughout the world as a reference, the Jacques VERNIN Institute has conceived PHYTESCENS®, Global Phyto-Aromatic Innovation, in the form of capsules, capsules and gels dermaceutiques, to respond effectively to the demand of people concerned about their health capital.

This innovative technology, crowned with worldwide patents, is at the heart of every formula, PHYTESCENS®, targeted to fill the gaps that may affect the body's various lifestyle and age functions.

Experienced for more than four years by Doctors and Pharmacists, the PHYTESCENS®, by daily contributions, associated with its usual diet, offer to the informed person, the possibility of correcting the real or anticipated deficiencies.

By combining Technology and Science, we are happy to provide you with the best that the benefits of nature can offer.