- help to lose weight or avoid taking it,
- eliminate toxins,
- cleanse organization and promote its elimination functions.



  • Detoxication
    <p>To help: <br /> - to detoxify and purify the body <br /> - to revive the elimination functions <br /> - to act at the renal, hepatic and digestive levels <br /> - to facilitate the digestion <br /> - lose weight</p>
  • Food nibbling
    <p>In case of excess weight by accumulation or nibbling, take: <br /> - Phytescens F07 Strs to help curb the craving <br /> - Phytescens F100 D.Pur to promote the functions of elimination of the body and weight loss.</p>
  • Excess weight due to...
    <p>In case of water retention: <br /> - for menopausal women and men <br /> - when you feel as if you have inflated without having gone overboard</p>

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