VITAFORME ® capsules, is a synergy combining

concentrated plant extracts and essential oils


We use plant extracts because:

The extracts provide more active ingredients than the plant powder.

Thanks to the extraction, we remove pesticides, animal droppings, yeasts and molds. This makes it possible to offer a clean, healthy and perfectly assimilable product.

Our essential oils are micro-encapsulated because:

In liquid form, the essential oil, on contact with air, oxidizes and thus becomes pro-oxidant, allergenic and sometimes carcinogenic.

Protecting it in the form of micro-capsules makes it possible to keep its active ingredients intact, to mix them together and to mix them with extracts.

This also makes it possible to avoid interactions that could occur between 2 essential oils and to be able to dose them precisely.

The coating of these oils allows perfect gastric tolerance.

VITAFORME food supplements guaranteed GMO-free, preservative-free and not tested on animals.