phyto aroma

For the fist time in history, Ultra Standardized Total Vegetable concentrated Extracts (U.S.T.V.E.) are mixed with protected* Essential Oils (E.O.) in a precise compound, targeted at the causes and origins of the health situation.


Then the benefits of phytotherapy are associated to the benefits of aromatherapy in the same capsule while preserving the efficacy of each component in order to achieve maximum bioavailability, accelerate diffusion and reach both parts of the body, the oily cell’s membrane (brain, nervous functions...) and the aqueous (blood and others functions) to fulfill simultaneously their needs.


For the first time in history:

  • this exclusive patented technology with unrivalled global capabilities brings the fast relief that everyone expects in buying a health product and one can get within a dietary supplement capsule the quantity of natural actives to get the desired quick result without side-effects.

  • one capsule of PHYTESCENS brings the benefits of 3 to 4 different products and costs much less.

PHYTESCENS (Bottles of 30 capsules) are guaranted without GMOs colorants or preservatives.

They are not tested on animals.

PHYTESCENS are not medecines.