Bright mind

- to de-stress,   

- to regain serenity or a restful sleep

- to help to detoxify.

Bright mind


  • Sleep
    <p>Sleep can be disrupted for essentially two reasons:<br />-  irregular sleep with multiple or too early awakenings<br />-  difficulty falling asleep.<br /><br />In the first case: take Phytescens F03 Sleep at bedtime<br /><br />In the second case, take:<br />-  Phytescens F07 Strs at dinner, to help soothe and prepare for falling asleep<br />- and Phytescens F03 Sleep at bedtime</p>
  • Stress
    <p>Stress :<br />-  can occur at any age and for various reasons (work, exams, driving license, stress of daily life ...)<br />-  can manifest itself in several ways (syndrome of the blank page, the black hole ...) <br />- deprives the individual of his psychic and physical abilities. <br /><br />Some plants help to combat the effects.</p>
  • Depression
    <div class="tw-ta-container tw-nfl" id="tw-target-text-container" style="padding-top:20px;color:#212121;font-family:arial, sans-serif;font-size:0px;"> <pre class="tw-data-text tw-ta tw-text-small" id="tw-target-text" dir="ltr" style="background-color:transparent;border:none;padding:0px .14em 0px 0px;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;font-family:inherit;width:276px;white-space:pre-wrap;height:72px;font-size:16px;line-height:24px;"><span lang="en" xml:lang="en">To escape the tunnel of depression and promote the return to balance and psychic well-being.</span></pre> <p></p> <pre class="tw-data-text tw-ta tw-text-small" lang="en" style="background-color:transparent;border:none;padding:0px .14em 0px 0px;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;font-family:inherit;width:276px;white-space:pre-wrap;font-size:16px;line-height:24px;" xml:lang="en"></pre> </div>
  • Smoking cessation
    <p>Do you want to stop smoking? We can help you with: <br />-  TITREX Valerian: to help stop the urge to smoke and to saturate the nicotine receptors, <br />-  Phytescens F01 Tonus: for physical and psychic tone and memory <br />-  Phytescens F100 D.Pur: to promote detoxification of the entire body and stimulate elimination functions.</p>

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