Special Tonus

Special Tonus

The child, like the adult, always needs to be in full possession of their means, whether physical or intellectual.

Daily stress, lack of sleep, illness, exhaust the body.

The right balance allows you to become effective and fit again.

In matters of sexuality, tone is a necessity.

In sport, in competition, during training, before and after the event, it is necessary to increase our ability to endurance and recovery.

In sport, we need at specific moments to draw from us the energies needed to win by making the extra effort.

The conquest of well-being and form:

- Spend yourself! sedentary life is largely responsible for the decline in vitality.

- Practice a sport that you like. Exercise is hardly profitable if it becomes a constraint.

- Remove alcohol in all its forms.

A dynamic awakening:

- Give yourself a grace of 5 minutes before you get up

- If you use the radio as an alarm clock, select your favorite frequency

- Drink a glass of fresh water with lemon juice as soon as you wake up. Take the opportunity to take stimulating plant extracts.

Take care of yourself ! Heal your living space :

- If you want to regain your vitality, first know how to manage your sleep

- Do not sleep on a mattress too soft but classified "firm" ... or if necessary, slide a board below

- Air your room. Ideally, you should sleep with the window open, but you can just lower or even cut your heating one hour before sleep

- Avoid taking vitamins before sleeping, as well as tea and coffee.

- If you can not sleep, avoid sleeping pills if possible and use natural methods instead.

In general, exercise:

- Go running or take a good walk. When you come home, take a bath or a warm shower .... We feel so much better after.

- Sport beautifies your silhouette and your well-being.

- Select a few gymnastic exercises and craft your custom program.

- And then, without even doing any physical exercise, do you know that just listening to music can get you in shape?

American research has shown that music, by touching the cerebral centers of pleasure, triggers a surge of endorphins, a kind of natural anti-stress.

3 colors great shape to dress :

- The red: stimulant par excellence, acts on the nerves and the blood. Its tonic action is exerted on the emotional level

- The orange: less aggressive than the red, fight fatigue and morale routed

- The yellow: it chases the melancholy. It acts on the nervous system and muscle tone.

Avoid false friends of tone :

- Do not abuse sugar: most often it is fat and not the tone it gives

- Do not lose weight too fast as you approach the holidays: what is the point of being thin if you are exhausted?

- Do not practice a violent sport without being heated and in condition

- Do not stay too long in your bath: it dilates the veins and softens terribly. Warning: too hot, it is a tonic of the heart, while lukewarm, it becomes relaxing.