The ambition of the Jacques VERNIN Institute is to offer to health-conscious people products, of natural origin, whose effectiveness is manifested so quickly that they can make the relation between the product applied or absorbed and the felt effect.

The research undertaken by the Jacques VERNIN Institute led to the discovery of new technologies applied to the active principles produced by plants.

1st goal : Development of liquid plant extracts for cosmetology.

The skin is an exchange surface that is at the same time respiratory, secretory and sensitive.

Old-fashioned, herbal remedies have reported beneficial but inapplicable results in the modern world.

Nos buts:
  • Select plants and fruits, extract, concentrate, stabilize, their active ingredients,
  • Magnify their activity potential
  • Ensure their bioavailability through the junction with the receptors of the cells of the body, guaranteeing their effectiveness.

The essential steps necessary to achieve these goals:

1. Guarantee consistency in the quality and safety of the plant .

It was with the assistance of the National Conservatory of Medicinal Plants and the Technical Institute of Medicinal, Aromatic and Industrial Plants (ITEPMAI) that the selection of the chemical races of the selected plants and their cultivation were made. The model to be followed is that of the selection and cultivation of vine plants that make the reputation of great wines.

2. Develop new extraction and stabilization technologies des principes actifs bénéfiques adaptés à chaque plante.

3. Establish the identification and dosage of these assets in the extract to ensure its effectiveness.

4. Conduct clinical tests on humans (not on animals) performed in Hospital or Dermatological on synergistic associations of extracts oriented to a particular problem.

5. Provide proof of their effectiveness.

The formulation in a special vehicle has allowed to incorporate in exceptional proportions very large amounts of extracts (from 45 to 55%) to achieve the desired goal.

The plant sector thus created with the specialized Agriculture allowed the signing of cultivation contracts guaranteeing the biological quality of the plants supplied and used.

2nd goal : Preparation of concentrated dry extracts titrated in active principles: TITREX

TITREX are intended for the oral route.

From the cutaneous application, necessarily circumscribed, to the much more important general way, it was necessary to resort to other technologies.

The steps described above for extracts for external use served as a general procedure.

Nevertheless :

  The extraction solvents are different:

                  Demineralized water or its mixture with good taste alcohol at different volumes depending on the beneficial principles of the plant are used.

                      Without ever exceeding alcohol at 60 volumes (beyond toxic substances can be extracted from certain plants

   The equipment used to concentrate and dry the extract is specific

  The concentration under vacuum is low temperature (35 °) so as to preserve the integrity of the extracted beneficial principles.

   Drying, adapted to each nature of the plant to guarantee its content of active ingredients, follows three different procedures:

                     Vacuum oven at 35 °C

                     45 °C spray

                     Lyophilization at - 140 °

This gives a dry concentrate of all the soluble active ingredients of the treated plant, assimilated by the body.

The dosage of these assets and the adjustment to a constant title make it possible to guarantee the reproducibility of the effects on the same person for the same quantity absorbed.

Extracts TITREX allowed prescribers trained at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris to practice individualized prescription, made in the form of capsules in Pharmacy.

Clinical Double-Blind Tests have been done in comparison with the chemical reference molecule with success and fewer side effects .

3 rd goal : Elaboration des huiles essentielles micro-encapsulées

The Jacques VERNIN Institute, in contact with the original promoters of Aromatherapy (Dr. Jean VALNET, Dr. Louis SEVELINGES and Dr. FESNAULT) has recognized the interest of essential oils.

However, the sensitivity of essential oils to oxygen in the air limited their conservation and therefore their use

GATTEFOSSE, supplier of essential oils for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Perfumery, removed the terpenes (antioxidant substances that oxidized) from essential oils and marketed these essential oils deterpenated.

If perfumery saw an advantage, Aromatherapy was deprived of multiple properties related to this class of components.

Plants :

                   protect the oxygen of the air in closed organs (pockets, channels, hair ...) these precious components

                   make these essential oils :

                   on the one hand to protect themselves from the aggressions of which they are the object of other plants, viruses, molds, yeasts, bacteria,

                   on the other hand to attract pollinating insects.

Thus, it is found that an essential oil :

                   exposed to air, oxidizes rapidly and becomes pro-oxidant and allergenic (moreover, recently the Ministry of Health has banned the use of essential oil dispensers) ,

                   purchased in vials should be used within a few days.

"First not to harm", this is one of the principles of the Jacques VERNIN Institute .

It has therefore resorted to a state-of-the-art technology, Micro-encapsulation, to re-protect the essential oil from the oxygen of the air by encapsulating it as it is in the original plant in order to preserve its properties and its safety. not harm ", this is one of the principles of the Jacques VERNIN Institute

A rigorous selection of a limited number of essential oils recognized for their efficiency and safety has been made and specific microencapsulation techniques for each of them has been developed.

In addition to preserving the properties of selected essential oils, micro-encapsulation allows the association without chemical interaction between several essential oils or with dry extracts of plants

4 th goal : Development of patented phyto-aromatic formulas

These technological innovations have allowed the formulation of synergies between extracts and essential oils previously impossible without risky interactions between natural components.

Thus PHYTESCENS innovation :

   allows the synergy between TITREX dry vegetable extracts and microencapsulated essential oils,

   is targeted towards the origin of health situations,

   has been awarded a worldwide patent.

These synergies allow the desired speed of action.

PHYTESCENS products make it possible to obtain :

                         a QUICK RESULT

                         an IMMEDIATE EFFICIENCY

                         a PERFECT TOLERANCE

Why and how do DERPHA Laboratories offer the "Global approach" to health with 3 types of products?

Because our body is made up of fat (the brain, the nervous system, cell membranes, fat cells and some hormone-producing glands) that need to function normally with essential fatty acids.

The different products of the "oléo" range PHYTESCENS Oleo-Essentiels meet this need.

It is the water that bathes the other parts of our body and that conveys the nutrients that it needs.

TITREX capsules, Concentrated dry extracts (5 to 10 times compared to the original plant) provide the necessary nutrients to the receptors to ensure the proper functioning of the cells.

PHYTESCENS capsules targeted products provide all the natural components needed to quickly meet the needs expressed by acute or chronic situations chroniques.

They are intended for both parts of the body, both watery and oily.
They spread quickly in the body to reach the target at the origin of the health situation.