Louis-Charles VERNIN
(1870-1937), PhD and pharmacist in Paris, co-creator of the Coopération Pharmaceutique Française and created in Melun in 1909, the Laboratoires Galéniques VERNIN to manufacture vegetable extracts prescribed and all galenic formulas.


Louis-Marie VERNIN, his son and pharmacist too, developed the company.
During the sixties, he showed his son Jacques, how to use plants for health and beauty.


After two years as a houseman at the Hospital Necker et Enfants-Malades in Paris, Jacques VERNIN is graduated as a pharmacist at the University of Paris and the Institut de Pharmacie Industrielle of Paris.

He created the Institut Jacques Vernin to develop new technologies dedicated to plants to guarantee the presence in the final product of benefic substances they can produce.

The research started with bio-technologies to select and produce plants, where they can give their best. New extraction techniquesfollowed to concentrate, stabilize and keep active and bio-available their benefic substances for a human use.

All final products are controlled by specific technologies to guarantee the quality and the conformity of each production.

The Phytélènes® were the first liquid herbal extracts dedicated to an external use. Their success all over the world, made them be the first natural products used in cosmetology by all the most important cosmetic companies in the world.

The TITREX® are Ultra Standardized Total Vegetable Extracts (U.S.T.V.E.: 5 to 15 times more concentrated than the dried herb). These dried concentrated extracts deliver quickly the right quantity of water soluble herbal actives to be effective on the targeted part of the body. TITREX are The reference for who prescribe.


The PHYTESCENS®, exclusive and unique associations of vegetable extracts and essential oils are internationally patented. They are available in capsules, soft-capsules or dermaceutical gels.