PHYTESCENS Capsules, crowned with a worldwide and exclusive patent, is the association of plant extracts titrated in active principles and essential oils in the form of micro-capsules.

Why use plant extracts and not plant powder?

To obtain a result in phytotherapy, you must consume 9 to 15 grams of dry plant per day.

Thanks to our extraction processes adapted to each plant , our extracts are 5 to 15 times more concentrated than the dry plant , so as to bring you the maximum of natural, soluble and bio-available active ingredients.

Why essential oils in micro-capsules rather than in liquid form?

In nature, the plant protects its essential oils from oxidation by enclosing them in micro-pockets called " gasoline pockets ". Thus protected from oxidation of the oxygen in the air, these oils keep their active ingredients and their activity potential intact.

This is why PHYTESCENS Technology protects, in micro-capsules , essential oils not only from oxidation , but also interactions with the other components of the formula to guarantee its full efficacy, safety and stability .

In addition, a buffer system is added for excellent gastric tolerance .

PHYTESCENS technology has finally made it possible, thanks to its new synergies and concentrations, to be able to just absorb the right and necessary dose on a daily basis for a quick and effective result , directly addressing the cause of imbalances due to age or lifestyle.

PHYTESCENS Capsules association of plant extracts and essential oils