8 tips for good circulation

8 tips for good circulation

To be healthy, it is essential that our vessels and arteries be flexible and elastic.

Plant extracts contain active substances that act on the blood to thin it or on the blood vessels to improve their elasticity and flexibility.

Circulatory problems affect 40% of the French population and more particularly women of all ages.

And you ?

Whatever your age, you are concerned at least as a precaution.

Various disorders may appear  :

  • Feeling of heavy legs

  • Feeling tired, cramping, tingling

  • Sensation of heat, edema

The origin of this poor vascularization is often hereditary or caused by hormonal disturbances and various compressions that correspond to bad habits of clothing.

In addition, persons who work standing or whose activity causes them to stand for several hours a day, often encounter problems of venous insufficiency which manifest themselves by an objective feeling of heavy legs.

You must therefore be particularly vigilant and take into consideration the first signs of your heavy leg problems.

8 tips for good traffic:

  • Watch out for shoes that are too narrow, clothes that are too tight (tight jeans)

  • Get active, get active, get some fresh air (daily walking, cycling and swimming are recommended).

  • Avoid sitting or standing too long

  • Eat balanced

  • Tobacco and alcohol are your enemies

  • Sunbathing, yes, but no prolonged exposure of several hours that also accelerate skin aging

  • Take warm baths followed by a cold shower on the legs

  • At night, raise your mattress at the level of the legs to promote the return circulation.

In phytotherapy :

Use plants rich in flavonoids and saponosides  :

  • Saponosides give them a role in vasoconstriction and venous protection

  • The vitamin P properties of flavonoids confer to Horse Chestnut,  Petit Houx and Red Wine a role in the protection of blood capillaries by increasing their resistance and decreasing their permeability.

  • Le Horse Chestnut : fluidifies our blood

  • La Red Wine andPetit Houx : relax and increase the resistance of the blood vessels.