Digestion Phytoflor


Indicated in case of:

Digestion difficult

Biliary or hepatic disorders 

Accumulation of toxins

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Properties of plants :

Since Antiquity, the   Artichoke is known and used for:

  • - its detoxifying, diuretic properties and antioxidants,
  • - its ability to promote proper functioning of the liver and digestion.
  • - help maintain cholesterol at a normal rate.

Milk Thistle is traditionally used to relieve digestive disorders of hepatic origin (after elimination of a serious illness by a doctor) and gallstones .

Indeed, silymarin , the active ingredient in Milk Thistle :

  • - has a beneficial effect on the liver, helping its recovery in case of hepatitis or cirrhosis
  • - helps stimulate bile production by the liver in the event of difficult digestion 
  • - helps prevent gallstones


  • - acts on the secretion of saliva and digestive juices
  • - has a toning and strengthening action on the liver and gallbladder
  • - it speeds up emptying of the stomach
  • - can be used with meals too hearty because indicated for intestinal laziness.

In 1998, a study carried out in Germany with people suffering from problems (nausea, vomiting, heartburn, constipation, flatulence) demonstrated a positive action of Gentian.

Bottle of 30 capsules


Composition for 2 capsules:

Concentrated and titrated extract of Artichoke: 240mg

Concentrated and titrated extract of Milk Thistle: 240mg

Concentrated and titrated extract of Gentian: 240mg

Excipients: Capsule gelatin, sodium carbonate, magnesium stearate

Take 2 capsules before the meat.

PHYTOFLOR products are not drugs.
Do not give to children under 18, pregnant or lactating women without medical advice.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Store in a dry place away from heat and out of the reach of children.
Food supplements should not replace a diversified diet.

Do not use in people suffering from stomach ulcer or duodenum
Not recommended in case of high blood pressure