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D.Pur F100 Phytescens


  Elimination of waste and toxins

  Help with weight loss

  Facilitates digestion .

  Quality and appearance of the skin .

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Plant's Properties:

ArtichokeBoldo , Milk Thistle , Orthosiphon , Papaya , Pilosella , Dandelion , Black Radish , Lindenwood and Rosemary produce components that stimulate the elimination functions of the liver, intestine and kidneys.

In case of cholesterol: may be combined with the product PHYTESCENS Oléo-Essentiel Omega 3 to favor the decline.

Phytescens F100 D.Pur :

  promotes the elimination of waste and toxins and helps cleanse the body

  help lose weight or not to take it

  helps to improve the quality and appearance of the skin .


Ingredients for 2 capsules of 520mg (2 capsules correspond to the extraction of 4534mg of dried plant):

  Concentrated extract of Artichoke : 84 mg

  Concentrated extract of Boldo: 84 mg

  Concentrated extract of Milk Thistle : 84 mg

  Concentrated extract of Orthosiphon: 84 mg

  Concentrated extract of Papaya : 84 mg

  Concentrated extract of Pilosella: 84 mg

  Concentrated extract of Dandelion : 84 mg

  Concentrated extract of Black Radish  : 84 mg

  Concentrated extract of Lindenwood : 84 mg

Micro-encapsulated essential oil of Rosemary : 34 mg

Excipients : microcrystalline cellulose, silica, monosodium carbonate.


Product guaranteed GMO-free, dye-free and preservative-free and not tested on animals.

Bottle of 30 capsules

In punctual: Take 2 capsules a day, in one take with a large glass of water, preferably in the evening.

Usable punctually or in form of courses of 3 weeks.

In case of cholesterol: may be associated with the product PHYTESCENS Oleo-Essential Omega 3 for to lower it.

The PHYTESCENS products are not drugs.
Do not give to children under 12, pregnant or breastfeeding women without medical advice.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Store in a dry place away from heat and out of the reach of children.
Dietary supplements should not be a substitute for diversified diet.